Bees are a keystone species within our ecosystem that face many threats that could result in extinction. This design utilizes the principals of symmetry and repetition to visually exhibit a system in balance. It subtly implies that bees keep our natural environments in balance, oftentimes, without notice. 

Ecosystem Engineers


Beavers are a keystone species that define the health and survival of entire ecosystems. Half of North America’s threatened species rely on wetlands created by beavers. This work visually communicates the importance of the beaver and the threat that their loss may have on the environment.

Endangered Land


This work examines the delicate balance of species within our environment with attention to our declining ecosystem and the rapidly growing number of endangered species. Each design takes inspiration from nature and serves as a reminder of its decline. My artistic process begins with researching species and plants found on the IUCN Red List of threatened species. Identified species are then sourced from 19th- century biodiversity literature and digitally composed with images representing threats to selected species and ecosystems. Wallpapers historically were designed to capture our natural world through the patterning of nature’s elements. This wallpaper series represents a modern-day reflection of our planet. 

Endangered Sea


This image is a partial representation of a repeating pattern design that functions as wallpaper. Sea life is under threat as a result of human consumption habits. The by-product of this is plastic packaging waste. If not properly recycled, plastics never biodegrade — surviving for centuries on our land and oceans. It often breaks up into tiny little pieces that contaminate our oceans. So much of this waste is too small to see, and is often mistaken for sea life eaten by ocean predators. 

Endangered Sky


This series of “extinction wallpapers” draws attention to the growing list of endangered species. Each design takes inspiration from nature and serves as a reminder of its decline. Featured in this design, weaving through a destructive web of detritus that is a reflection of our endangered ecological community are a small sampling of the birds that are rapidly decreasing in population in North America: the Yellow-Billed Cuckoo, Cock of the Plains, Coopers Hawk, Sprague Missouri Lark, Bards Bunting, Sharp Tailed Grouse, Spotted Grouse, Goshawk, Capped Petrel, Mountain Plover, Common Raven, and the Prairie Chicken.