Exploring Sustainability

Exhibition Design & Curation

In partnership with the Utah Museum of Fine Arts Sustainable Design Practice students at the University of Utah were tasked with designing interactive, educational artwork that teaches the general public about sustainability.
Exhibition: Exploring Sustainability: Perspectives on Sustainable Design Practice Location: UMFA, Utah Museum of Fine Arts, Salt Lake City Utah, 2013
Creative Direction/Exhibition Design/Instructor: Carol Sogard
Partners: UMFA Exhibition team, Sustainable Design Practice students

Sketch School


Description: Zine & poster that inspires the user to keep a sketchbook.
Specs: Folded zine with poster insert, 28 pages, saddle sewn 
Creative Director: Carol Sogard
Designers: University of Utah graphic design students
Awards: 2012 How Magazine International Design Award

Book Sellers: Printed Matter, NYC; Atomic Books, Baltimore; Needles & Pens,
San Francisco; Quimby’s, Chicago; Monastiraki, Montreal; Bluestockings, NYC 

What is this? A poster. A book.


Description: Recipients learn about the print production processes,
the rules of typography and typeface design
Specs: 7"x 8"
5 folded booklet/poster untrimmed.
A three knife trim converts it to a 20 page booklet.
Creative Director: Carol Sogard,
Featured Works: University of Utah graphic design students
Awards: 2010 Print Magazine Regional Design Annual
Booksellers: Printed Matter, NYC; Atomic Books, Baltimore;
Quimbys Chicago; Bluestockings, NYC