Monday, June 4, 2012

Sketch School. Enroll Now!

What is Sketch School?
It is a creative, engaging experience with no fees, no teachers, no grades, no classrooms and no deadlines. The assignments provide the opportunity to get creative and share your work with fellow Sketch School participants. Have you ever wanted to create something that is not for a client or a teacher? Have you ever wished you had more time to keep a sketchbook or were required to engage in activities that helped you become more creative? Then you should participate.

Participating is easy!
You are provided with four assignment cards in this post. Each card briefly describes the assignment and showcases inspiring examples created by the Graphic Design students at the University of Utah. Now it's time to create your own version.

If you like what you made, share it with us. We would love to post it! You will also get a chance to see what fellow Sketch School participants created. Simply scan a 200 dpi photo of each completed assignment card (no larger than 5" max length) and save it as a jpg. Then email the images to:

Document your outfit.

Choose one of these stories. Create an image for it.

Illustrate your thoughts.

Create a self portrait with unique materials.

©2012 Carol Sogard. For more info contact:
Concept, creative direction and writing by Carol Sogard.
Artwork created by University of Utah Graphic Design Students.

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